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Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Supply inorganic nanoparticles, Metals, Oxides, Compounds, Carbon nanotubes in Small Qty for researchers and In Bulk for industrial groups. Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles, Pure M phrase Vanadium oxide nanoparticles , Ysz (3ysz , Nano Gamma Alumina , Battery materials, conductive materials, antibacterial materials, Infrared absorbing materials, catalyst materials, polising materials, reinforcing materials, carbon nanotubes series, ceramic materials, element & alloy series, nanowires series are all available here in the forms of powder, colloids, dispersions, wet cake. Welcome to HONGWU nanomaterial! We are a high-tech company committed to the production and development of advanced nano materials. We are pleased to be among a select few nanoparticles manufacturing companies supplying universities, tech companies and industrial groups around the world in their efforts to discover new ways to use this 21st century wonder material. Our team includes PhD-level Scientists and Engineers and MBA-level business professionals. Our sales, business operations and logistics teams are staffed with experienced professionals to provide friendly and timely support and services to our customers.