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Cuprous Oxide Nanoparticles

For most companies, developing in-house advanced expertise in nanomaterials is expensive and time intensive – that is where HONGWU comes in. HONGWU works as your partner, providing you with high quality custom nanomaterial expertise. From material design and product integration, through scale-up and manufacturing – we focus on providing you with the nanoparticles you need. So your team can focus on your product development. At HONGWU, we don’t develop end-use applications, only inorganic nanoparticles to make them better. Our team includes PhD-level Scientists and Engineers and MBA-level business professionals. All of our core technical team members have 15+ years experience in R&D and production. Our sales, business operations and logistics teams are staffed with experienced professionals to provide friendly and timely support and services to our customers. Cuprous Oxide Nanoparticles, 100-200nm Germanium Nanoparticles , Anatase Titanium Dioxide , 70nm Tungsten Nanoparticles , Hongwu is a very powerful nanomaterial manufacturer, it was established in 2002, the production and sales of nano and micron powders and dispersions, etc. At the same time, it has passed the quality certification of ISO9001. In cooperation with many well-known manufacturing and scientific research institutions around the world, our products are all over the world. Our featured products in below,