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Aluminum Nitride Powder(AlN)

Reinforced/toughened materials, thermal insulation materials, polishing materials, wave absorbing materials, catalysts, etc. Aluminum Nitride Powder(AlN), Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Oil Dispersion , Price Of Zirconium Oxide , 91% Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Oil Dispersion , Take advantage of our 20+ year history, and commitment to positive customer experiences. HONGWU-china supplier for Nanoparticles, Nanopowders, Nanowires, Nanotubes, Dispersions and functionalized inorganic nanomaterials. Full Range of nano materials application covering conductive materials(Silver, copper, CNTs, graphene), thermal conductive materials(AlN, BN, SIC, nanodiamond, al2o3), antibacterial materials(silver, zno, cuo, cu2o, copper), flexible materials(silver nanowires conductive ink), battery material(WO3,SNO2,AL2O3,Silicon, germanium, Tin), Reinforced/toughened materials(SIC, sic whisker, al2o3, sio2, mwcnts), thermal insulation materials(VO2, Cs0.33WO3,ATO, ITO), polishing materials(Gamma al2o3, CeO2,SIC, Diamond), wave absorbing materials(Fe, Ni, Co and their alloy oxides), catalysts(precious metal nanoparticles), fillers, pigment, etc. You could enquiry specify specific products and sizes, or tell us about your application, and our sales manager will recommend suitable products to you based on existing experience and professional knowledge team.Our sales, business operations and logistics teams are staffed with experienced professionals to provide friendly and timely support and services to our customers. If you're planning to order small sample or larger quantities for your industrial or academic needs, please note that customization of parameters are also available, such as size, functionalities, SSA, packages,etc.