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Titanium Diboride Powder(TiB2)

Our main focus is on the nano sized powder and particles. We stock a wide range of particle sizes for 10nm to 10um, and can also fabricate additional sizes on demand. Our products are divided six series hundreds of varieties: the elemental, the alloy, the compound and the oxide, carbon series, and nanowires. Full Range of nanoparticles application covering antibacterial materials, conductive materials, battery materials, thermal conductive materials, flexible materials, Reinforced / toughened materials, thermal insulation materials, polishing materials, wave absorbing materials, catalysts, filler, pigment etc. Titanium Diboride Powder(TiB2), Bismuth Oxide Powder , Carbon Nanotube Powder , Copper Oxide , Customized & ISO certified & Factory prices & fast shipping. Get more feel free to contact us.