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silver nanoparticles company China factory offer 99.99% Ag powder

Silver Nanoparticles Company China Factory Offer 99.99% Ag Powder

Specification of Silver Nanoparticles :

Particle size: 20nm

Purity: 99.99%

Appearance: black powder

Package:  plastic bags 

Other available size: 30-50nm / 80-100nm / 200nm (Also micron size, micron flake Ag powder, micron spherical Ag powder are available ) 

COA, SEM, MSDS are available for your reference. 

Main application of Ag nanoparticles:

Nano -silver powder antibacterial silver powder has the characteristics of stable and efficient. After years of research and development and performance research by technical personnel, nano -silver powder materials have been widely recognized by all walks of life

Scope of application range of nano silver powder:

Conductive plasma: Preparation of electronic slurry such as wiring, packaging, and connection in the production of microelectronic components to minimize micro -electrical devices and finest lines.
Plasmids are important raw materials for the electronics industry. Some domestic research institutions use nano -silver powder instead of micron silver powder into a conductive plasma, which can save 30 %of silver powder. Because the melting point of nano particles is usually lower than that of solid substances, such as the melting point of silver is about 900 ° C, and the melting point of nano -silver powder can be reduced to 100 ° C. Therefore, it can be made of nano -silver powder. Wait for low -temperature materials as substrates.

Antibacterial anti -virus: additives in various paper, plastic, and textiles are used to antibacterial anti -virus. About 0.1%of the nano -layer silver -shaped silver -shaped macroexia powder has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on dozens of pathogenic microorganisms such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. As a new anti -infective product, it has a variety of properties such as broad -spectrum, non -drug resistance, non -acid -alkali value, antibacterial durability, and hairstyle without oxidation. It can be successfully used in construction and cultural relics, and in medical products.

Storage conditions:

Silver nanoparticles should be kept well sealed in a dry,cool environment,should not be exposed to air,prevent oxidation and be affected with damp and reunion,affect the dispersion performance and using effect. The other should try to aviod stress,in accordance with the general cargo transport.

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