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hydrophilic nano silica powder 99.8% 20-30nm SiO2 white powder

Product name Nano Silica Powder
CAS No. 7631-86-9
Particle Size 20-30nm
Purity 99.8%
Morphology Near Spherical
Appearance White Powder
Package Double Anti-static Plastic Bags, 1kg/bag, 20kg/drum
Catalyst Textile Rubber Painting / Pigments Electronic Packaging Material Catalyst

The catalyst plays a significant role in chemical industry, especially the non -existence catalysts with high reaction activity and reusable utilization. The activity and selectivity of the catalyst determine the reaction rate and the yield of the reaction product of the chemical reaction. Therefore, to obtain a high -activated catalyst, you need to adjust the properties and structure of the surface of the catalyst carrier. Silicon dioxide nanoparticles not only have stable chemical properties, but also have small particle size and large ratio surface area. As a carrier, the catalyst can reach the nano -scale and will not be reunited. Therefore catalyst.


Nano SiO2 is used in textiles to improve the performance of fabric anti -ultraviolet, far infrared, antibacterial odor, anti -aging and other aspects. For example, a composite powder made of the appropriate proportion of nano SiO2 and nano TiO2 is an important additive for anti -ultraviolet radiation fibers. For another example, the Japanese Emperor Company mixed the nano SiO2 and the nano Zno into chemical fibers, and the chemical fiber has the function of deodorizing and purifying the air. This fiber can be used to make stinky dressing, bandages, pajamas, etc. in long -term bedblag patients and hospitals.


Nano -silicon dioxide is commonly known as white charcoal black, white carbon black is white non -fixed microfin powder, which is an important inorganic material. It is non -toxic and has no pollution to the environment. Its use is very wide. There are applications in other fields.

Because rubber needs to be reinforced to have the value of use, nanoparticles enhancement is the most important way to achieve rubber reinforcement. Nano -silica can occur in multiple chemical reactions. Therefore, it currently has its main position in the application of rubber. Compared with ordinary organic rubber, silicone rubber has advantages in heat resistance, chemical stability, insulation and abrasion resistance.

In the tire industry, the demand for nano -silica fillers has continued to increase. After adding nano -silica to the tire, the lag of the rubber can be reduced, reducing the rolling resistance of the tire, thereby achieving the purpose of fuel -saving, green, and environmental protection.

As a non -toxic material that is polluted by the environment, the application field of nano -silicon dioxide is very extensive. It is not in silicon rubber, medical rubber products, tire rubber, rubber products in life, and rubber tapes and rubber shoes. Replacement fillers.

Painting / Pigments

Nano SiO2 has a special optical properties that conventional SIO2 do not have. It has strong ultraviolet absorption and infrared reflection characteristics. It adds to the coating to make the coating form a shielding effect, achieve the purpose of anti -ultraviolet aging and thermal aging, while increasing the insulation of the paint. The nano SiO2 has a three -dimensional mesh structure, has a huge surface area, shows great activity. It can form a mesh structure when the paint is dry. At the same time, the strength and smoothness of the paint are increased. Keep the color of the paint unchanged for a long time. In the inside and outside wall coatings, if you add nano SiO2, you can significantly improve the tank effect of the paint. The paint is not layered. It has good tactile, flow -hanging, and good construction performance. Cleaning ability and adhesion. Nano SiO2 can also be equipped with organic paint, which can obtain optical change coatings.

Although organic pigments have bright colors and strong color power, it is generally less than that of light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and migration resistance. Researchers are treated with surface modification by adding nano -SiO2 to the surface modification, which not only greatly improves the resistance of pigment anti -aging performance, but also improves the indicators such as brightness, hue and saturation. Scope of application.

Electronic Packaging Material

As a new type of scarce mineral material, high -purity ball -shaped nano SiO2, due to its superiority, high heat resistance, high humidity resistance, high filling, low expansion, low stress, low impurities, low friction coefficients and other superiority. There are broad application prospects such as electrical appliances and other fields, which are the main raw materials necessary for large -scale and large -scale integrated circuit packages.

At present, most of the electronic packaging materials at home and abroad are highly of high polymers. Among them, the most widely used epoxy resin with 70%~ 90%high -pure spherical nano -nanocarbon powder. The high water absorption and viscosity of epoxy resin limits its application in the large -scale integrated circuit, which can add a large amount of silicon microfin powder to the epoxy resin, which can reduce the thermal expansion coefficient, water absorption rate, internal stress, contraction of the plastic fertilizer Rate and improve thermal guidance.