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Graphene Nanoplatelets Used for Heat Dissipation Coating

Graphene Nanoplatelets Used for Heat Dissipation Coating


Code C956
Name Graphene nanoplatelet
Thickness 8-25nm
Diameter 1-20um
Purity 99.5%
Appearance Black powder
Package 100g,500g,1kg or as required
Potential applications Conductive conductive material, reinforced toughening, lubricating, etc.


Heat dissipation coating made from graphene nanoplatelets mainly make use of the high thermal conductivity and thermal radiation coefficient of graphene nanoplatelets. It transfers the heat generated by the device to the heat sink and quickly and effectively dissipates the heat to the surrounding environment in the form of thermal radiation through the heat dissipation coating, thereby achieving heat dissipation and cooling effect.

Advantages of graphene nanoplatelets in heat dissipation:
Energy saving

Common application fields:
Electronic and power equipments, automotive industry, heating appliances, new energy fields, medical apparatus, military fields, etc.

The above information is for reference only. For further details, they're subject to actual applications and tests.

Storage Condition:

Graphene Nanoplatelets should be stored in sealed, avoid light, dry place. Room temperature storage is ok.

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