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D:5um Platinum Nanowires

D:<100nm,L:>5um Platinum Nanowires

Name Platinum Nanowires
Formula Pt
CAS No. 7440-06-4
Diameter <100nm
Length >5um
Morphology nanowires
Key workds Precious Metal Nanowires, Pt nanowires
Brand Hongwu
Potential applications Catalyst, etc
Description: Platinum group materials show excellent performance in electrochemical catalysis. Studies have shown that nanowires are a class of excellent electrochemical catalysts. As a functional material, platinum nanomaterials have important application values in the fields of catalysis, sensors, fuel cells, optics, electronics, and electromagnetics. Used in various biocatalysts, spacesuit production, automobile exhaust purification devices As a sensor material: Nano platinum has excellent catalytic performance and can be used as an electrochemical sensor and a biosensor to detect glucose, hydrogen peroxide, formic acid and other substances. As a catalyst: Nano platinum is a catalyst that can improve the efficiency of some important chemical reactions and is widely used in fuel cells. Because nanowires usually have a large specific surface area, high-index crystal planes, fast electron transmission capabilities, easy recycling and resistance to dissolution and agglomeration, nano-platinum wires will have better performance and wider than conventional nano-platinum powders. Application prospects. Storage Condition: Platinum Nanowires should be stored in sealed, avoid light, dry place.