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100-200nm Flake Graphite Powder

Single Layer Graphene Powder

Code C952
Name Single Layer Graphene Powder
Formula C
CAS No. 1034343-98
Thickness 0.6-1.2nm
Length 0.8-2um
Purity >99%
Appearance Black powder
Package 10g, 50g, 100g or as required
Potential applications Battery conductive agent, plastic reinforced agents, inks, special alloys and other fields
Description: The combination of graphene and silicone rubber used in 3D printing technology can make wearable sensors for recording heart rate and breathing rate. The preparation process is simple. This composite material has high conductivity, extremely high flexibility and durability. It can withstand the harshest environment, extreme temperature and humidity, and can even be washed by hand. Storage Condition: Single Layer Graphene Powder should be well sealed, be stored in cool, dry place, avoid direct light. Room temperature storage is OK. SEM & XRD :